7 April 2009 | Team Tamar

EU ISP’s to store user data for next 12 months!

As part of the UK’s efforts to improve security after the 2005 London bombings it was revealed this week that internet service providers (ISPs) will be storing user’s email and internet phone calls details for an entire year leaving me wondering, what happened to freedom of information?

Thus far a number of ISPs have resisted suggestions made by the EU directive and there are even some countries contesting the decision – Germany is currently in the process of challenging the ruling, while Sweden has decided to simply ignore it.

The executive director of the Open Rights Group, Jim Killock, said the “crazy directive” could have very dangerous repercussions for the general public.The ruling forces all ISPs in the European Union to store all of their records for an entire year, this after another EU Directive, one that has telecom companies retaining their phone records for 12 months as well, is already in force.

For people that might be concerned, the data stored won’t include the actual content of emails or recordings of net phone calls, but it will be monitored to establish connections between individuals.
I personally think that if it isn’t abused then everything should be just fine, but if authorities start to abuse the power bestowed upon them then one has to ask what has happened to our right to privacy? What are your thoughts on the matter? Good thing? Let us know what you think!

Team Tamar