1 April 2009 | Team Tamar

April fools day to be henceforth known as international linkbait day?

Flach-tim-monkey-face-2410296I love April fools day, it is a day where everybody has permission to take the mickey without any retribution or fallout – there are obviously limits to how far you can take things but I think April Fools Day exists to push those limits. There are certain cases where you are not allowed a sense of humour – for instance I cannot imagine Merill Lynch putting up a gag on their homepage in the current economical climate.

Big corporations can put ridiculous pages up and, provided they are dated they can stay up forever, tricking people for years to come, I still see reference to Google 2 year old pigeon powered search. Something that makes people more comfortable with your brand and delivers fresh links up to two years later… Whats more is there are always people that list the best gags of the year for a few days afterwards too, this surely is the best possible way to generate a good supply of incoming links if ever there was one.

I think it is worth everybody's while spend a bit of time and little bit of extra effort on creating a really convincing April Fools Day gag, not only will this create a lot of buzz but it will also provide a steady stream of links for years to come.

And in that vein, the best gags I have spotted today so far are:

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