15 April 2009 | Team Tamar

An interesting use of typography on the web

April’s XD blog theme is: ‘An interesting use of typography on the web’.

CrowleyThe website that I have chosen is: crowleywebb.com

The reason why I have chosen this website is because despite being mainly text-based (with the homepage consisting only of text on a flat background colour), there is a lot more to this site than it intially seems.

The website is built entirely in Flash, which makes perfect sense, since it is probably the best way to perform all the site animated interactions.

The homepage consists of an introductory paragraph of text, with links to all the different sections of the site via certain keyword text links. These text links form the main menu of the website and stand-out from the rest of the surrounding text, through the use of a different typeface, colour and size.

What is quite cool about the website, is when you click on one of the main menu text links, the word selected flies out while increasing in size, and comes to rest in one of the corners. With the other main menu links in the introductory text also flying out to rest in another corner. This ensures that the main menu is always accessible when the introductory text is not shown.

A very interesting website design, which manages to maintain your interest despite having very little imagery. It’s enjoyable to just click through all the different links regardless of whether you read the page content or not, just because you are not sure of what will happen next.

A few quite amusing things that I found with this site is when you click on the word ‘Boring’, and the changing comments that are shown when you refresh or revisit the website.

Overall a very interesting website with a good use of typography.

Team Tamar