17 March 2009 | Team Tamar

Which website would you most like to redesign?


There are many reasons why I would
like to redesign this site and the main reason is because apart from
the way the site looks, fundamentally it's a good site. They have a broad range of products, the content is good including a “Trends” and other sections for browsing, their customer service is reliable with a My Account section for returning customers and they offer free delivery to the UK.

But it looks bad and if you just thought it’s what’s inside that counts… you are wrong.

Users need to feel secure when they are purchasing from you and if your site is awkward or clumsy to use then this will reflect your brand and reduce the trust they have in shopping with you.


A few things I would include in a redesign:

  • The raining saucepans and kettles from the top of the page are probably a good place to start!
  • The navigation is extensive, so even more reason to get this
    right. The main problem is the left navigation doesn’t remain extended
    when you are in a category. If this remained open and was labelled you
    would easily be able to see where you are and navigate without having
    to go back to the default main menu. Very frustrating.
  • They have category pages, which can be good for SEO but these all need to have images and keywords, so the user can browse the range without having to read everything.
  • Watch the typos! – See image advertising a “compitition” on the homepage, which also links to a page not found.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the cooks kitchen had a pretty loyal
group of customers as they have such a wide range of items and seem to
be competitively priced. But with good conversion design, this site could become a market leader and see their conversion rates get even

Team Tamar

  • http://www.usabilitytank.com Lara

    I agree with you there 🙂
    Also to add, it would be a good idea to test it on different browsers..
    for example in safari, the top menu items are not displayed, and in firefox i had problems with the links/images on the right hand side ( such as gift ideas, deals of the week.. etc).

  • http://www.tamar.com Sarah Graveling

    Blimey, you are right! In Safari on a Mac neither of the menus are displayed which renders the site unusable. The raining pans are still there tho! Thanks for your post. Sarah