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Which under performing website would you most like to redesign?

Alex Christie

16 March 2009

The site that I would redesign is soundslive.co.uk.


Having looked and used this website site, it is really difficult to read the product categories on the left navigation. The last time I used the site I was looking for a guitar hardcase for one of my guitars. From a quick glance at the left product category navigation, I failed to see the link for ‘Guitar Cases and Gig Bags’. This was mainly due to the fact that each product category is not well spaced out so it becomes unecessarily challenging to visually see where one category ends and another one begins. It becomes even more difficult when you
have 8 product types one after each other that all begin with ‘Guitar’. Even a simple bullet would make distinguishing each product type easier. More peculiar is the fact that unless you have already clicked a link (which then causes the link to rollover with an underline), there is no visual indication of what product category you are actually going to select. The links do not change colour, or underline and only underline once they have already been visited.

Oddly, the background image used for the main navigation has a white sheen or glow effect on it, and makes reading the first few navigation links difficult, since they are also white. This happens also for the top of the site fo the text Guitar‘Welcome to Sounds Live’

If I were to redsign the site the first thing I would do, would be to make the left navigation clearer to read.
Widening the site would also be a good move, as it would allow for more space, so that everything isn’t so crammed together. It would also provide space for advertising, which currently takes up a lot of the homepage’s content area, which could be better utilised.

I don’t know what the conversion rates are for their site, but I’m sure they must be losing good business by people being unable to find quickly and efficiently exactly what they are looking for, particularly due to the left navigation problems.



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