9 March 2009 | Team Tamar

Which under performing website would you most like to redesign?

Richard’s kitchen nightmare
My chosen under performing website that I’d like to redesign is the DIY store Wickes.
I have recently been trying to tart-up my kitchen and so I trawled the web for some ideas/solutions. Once I’d exhausted IKEA and B&Q I went to Wickes
for some inspiration.

The overall site design is fine, well branded, clean and
simple. It’s just that when digging a little deeper it becomes confused.
The kitchen homepage seems straight-forward but once I
got to the kitchen cabinet page I became frustrated. I was looking for a
certain style and colour so clicked on the tiny thumbnail image expecting to
see more, larger, images of the selected kitchen. Instead, you end up going
straight to the product page to make a purchase.

All fine if you know what you
want but, if like me you don’t know what the kitchen looks like it's useless
and far too risky to make an expense mistake.
So I tried
to find more ‘showroom’ images elsewhere on the site, only to discover there is
a whole other Wickes kitchen world at wickeskitchens.co.uk.

This added to the confusion because this is their ‘designer’ range which is completely
different and not what I was looking for. Interestingly, this site delivers in
terms of showing off the range with great images and the facility to zoom in on
certain areas, just what I was looking for on the main site.

Considering this
is their showpiece kitchen range you would never know it existed! A bit of thought and some simple
changes they could make their products more appealing and show them off in all
their glory and gain more business in the process.As for me I gave up, threw
down my mouse and went directly to store to find out what they really had. That’s
a failed website in my book.

Team Tamar