17 March 2009 | Team Tamar

WeFollow – New Twitter Directory

There's only been one thing I've not enjoyed about Twitter. And that’s the fact that you can't search for users as you would with Facebook. Digg creator Kevin Rose has answered this need by creating WeFollow a directory of Twitter users.

Now you can find all your favourite celebrities and once its more populated, I'm sure you'll find some hidden gems there. My personal favourite so far is Tina Fey, currently sitting at #32 out of the Top Tweeters.

Tina fey

At first, you may not know how to add yourself to the directory as there are no help pages, but just follow these steps:

Go to WeFollow > click on "add yourself to WeFollow" > Log into your Twitter account and send a Twitter reply to WeFollow's Twitter account with the list of categories you'd like to shown under. You can only choose three categories, but you can create your own if needed, e.g. @wefollow #zombies #awesome #green

But remember before putting yourself in a category such as "celebrity", entries are listed by number of followers and Britney Spears' impressive 432,327 followers will push your entry very far back indeed.

Team Tamar