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Vince Change from Google

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
6 March 2009

It's a Brand thing, and not an update!

For those of you who may have noticed more weight being given Brands in the SERPs Matt Cutts has updated on this and the bottom line is that while not an update this is more of a minor change. And it's not really about Brands either. However, it is more about Trust which is no big surprise as we know this is what Google likes.

So while you may see more Brands featuing in some results they will tend to be on the more generic seach terms rather than the long tail. Think along the lines of 'shoes', 'laptop', 'cars' and so on.

The reason why bigger Brands may feature more readily is that they have earned the Trust which Google loves. So as always the key is to try and find ways to generate Trust.

And by Trust we mean being featured (and linked) from sites such as the BBC, Times, .gov .edu sites etc. (OK, a bit simple but you get the idea)

But a word of caution, don't think this alone is the answer to everything as your site still has to have great unique content, structure and links profile as Google is trying to serve the most relevant results for each search query.     

Listen learn with Uncle Matt here:

We are still seeing fluctuation in the SERPs several times a day so we guess Google must be still testing the impact of our old chum Vince.

Why Vince? Well, the Google engineer who made the changes is called Vince. Simples!



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