6 March 2009 | Team Tamar

The House of Doome


Tamar proudly sponsors 14 year old Simo Sam who is in Grade 9 at the Cape Town school St Cyprians. The school held a play this week, and a lucky few of us from the Cape Town office went to check out the talent. While Simo herself was not one of the actors in the play, we went along to support the school in general and were well rewarded.

The play is called The House of Doome and is advertised as a rock musical, featuring no less than sixty of the senior girls. On arrival we were greeted by creepy Dracula-like figures and some pretty amusing costumes (was that Elvis?), as we waited for the play to start. Suitably alarmed, at 7:30 we apprehensively took our seats in the warm school hall, a place none of us have seen the interior of for many years, and waited for the lights to dim.

The highly energetic and original production was put together with a level of professionalism that is incredible when one considers how young the actresses are and also just how many girls were involved.

The plot involves a mad Count who is dissatisfied with the ways of the world so he kidnaps people from the town’s local drinking hole (by South African taxi, no less) and then takes them back to his castle. If they do not amuse him, he has two mad scientists, Dr Bloedrip and Dr Veltsgraf, to dismember them and put them back together to form more “interesting” people.

The sound track was incredible, incorporating everything from cabaret to country, via gospel and a bit of Bob Dylan (I’m not alone in wondering if it’s for sale…). The acting and choreography were excellent, and our congratulations go to the director, Ms Wells, and the cast.

An interesting aside: the cost of the tickets goes towards the cost of the production, making it a self-sustaining project. Any money left over goes towards a kitty for the next production. 

Team Tamar

  • robin

    Forgot to mention the heat in the hall that night, nico had to keep wiping his glasses…