9 March 2009 | Team Tamar

Streetview London: Why is Google stalling?

While Google is embroiled in what seems to be a debate over privacy issues, another clever startup, seety has pounced on the opportunity to publish streetview-esque images of central London.

London Street

I can almost see into the Queens bedroom, nothing different to the millions of pics taken every year of the same area, in fact I can see nothing different between the millions of photos uploaded every day on flickr or facebook and Google streetview…

I wonder if Google is getting more timid these days, new startup 'seety' don't seem to be scared of a little publicity, they are even cheeky enough to use Google maps as their host, I think its brilliant…

Team Tamar

  • Barrie Bowles

    Im worried about you trying to look into the Queens bedroom Robin.
    Aside that, I saw what I thought was a Google camera car in London yesterday, so waved, and then just realised it was an ordinary police speed camera car. So I bravely ran away.

  • http://www.wwoof.co.za Robin

    Well it looks like Google have streetview up now – couldnt find myself – it looks like it was done on a Sunday in Summer.