16 March 2009 | Team Tamar

Social media wars: TweetDeck now on Facebook

Two of the biggest social media sites are now available on one site: You can now add TweetDeck to the growing army of apps that are joining Facebook Connect. Tweetdeck alone accounts of about 13 percent of all Twitter users.

When you send out a message from TweetDeck, you will now have the option to send it to Twitter, Facebook, or both. A new column will be added to TweetDeck over the next few days, showing you status updates from your Facebook friends alongside the existing columns for Tweets from people you follow on Twitter. Also, if one of your Facebook friends is online, a green dot appears by their name and you can chat with them through Facebook chat via a pop-up window. Check out the beta version here.

Facebook also recently announced that Facebook Connect now works with iPhone apps and desktop apps such as Seesmic. By going after the Twitter apps, Facebook can go one up on Twitter and if more of the top Twitter apps add Facebook Connect, more than a third of all Twitter users could be covered pretty quickly.

Of course, Twitter could just add a Facebook Connect option itself, but that would be conceding victory to Facebook.

Team Tamar