2 March 2009 | Team Tamar

Skittles re-launches with social-flavoured website

Those clever people over Mars have obviously been on a sugar-high recently, and have now taken a brave (but wonderful) jump in to the world of embracing Social Media – taking it to a whole new level.


Visitors to the Skittles website from today will be greeted by a pop-up asking them to verify their age (more on that below) before they are invited in to the new site – which combines all the usual elements of a good website, but with a twist.


Users clicking on “Chatter” will be taken to a results page for a Twitter search on the keyword ‘Skittles’ – allowing anybody who wants to comment on Skittles to have their name in lights via their own Twitter profile. Definitely a brave move by Mars (and thus explaining the age verification – there is no filter for adult or offensive language, so tread carefully), though it remains to be seen what the Skittles makers will actually be doing with all the feedback they receive (apart from giving themselves an electronic pat on the back!).


Clicking on “Friends” will take you to the Skittles official Facebook brand fan page, newly relaunched and refreshed to coincide with their new advertising campaign. Facebook would be an obvious choice for a brand like Skittles, though it’s quite interesting to note they don’t link to their much-older and more established Bebo page – maybe they have switched allegiance? Their Bebo page now has ads on it, which suggests to me they’ve decided to focus their efforts on the super-fast-rising Facebook instead.


Clicking on “Photos” or “Video” in the media tab will take you to official Flickr and YouTube channels respectively – both filled with exactly what you’d expect. 


This move is pretty brave (considering the risks above) but it’s already generating a bunch of interest, so it looks like it’s going to prove quite successful for the sweety makers. I’m very impressed with how they’ve embraced Social Media so wholely, and I can’t see it being long before many other brands are doing the same thing. What do you think of the new site? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Team Tamar

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