19 March 2009 | Team Tamar

New Twitter phenomenon

TwitterJobSearch, has introduced the first “smart” search engine.

This means that it extracts the meaning of a search term from Twitter content database and creates a resource that will link and or associate all jobs posted on their platform. This is achieved by using algorithms developed by Workhound, a leading job search portal. Twitter regards this as phase one and will roll out similar projects aimed at social media and other web communication channels.

TwitterJobSearch is an early example of how social media search needs to evolve and signals how solid business models can be built,” commented Howard Lee, CEO of Workhound. “The pronounced shift into social media and cloud computing is already changing the Internet landscape and evolving consumers’ expectations. Search and social network providers are in real danger of losing their relevance and traction unless they can get this right” he continued.

GigaTweet (the tool that measures “tweets” on Twitter) measured 1.3 billion tweets, but this data was previously restricted to searched keywords. In order for Twitter to achieve long term success they realized they would have to smarten up by contextualizing random tweets into suggestive search terms and develop social media from a communication tool to a powerful publishing platform.

TwitterJobSearch contextualises every tweet and then determines its intent and filters to relevant data. As an example, “Sales director London job” on search.twitter.com brings back 4 results, while the same search on Twitterjobsearch provides 6202 opportunities, while “Marketing manager New York job” provides 19 and 4122 respectively.

Team Tamar