1 March 2009 | Team Tamar

Mobile phone cpu processor breaks 1GHz

TG01 Frustrated and tired of using slow smart phones?  Well Qualcomm announces release of 1GHz chip in 2009 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona recently.  The chip called Snapdragon is 50% faster than any current mobile processors in the market, making videos run smoother, games run hi-res graphics, internet browsing a richer experience.  The first mobile phone to use this chip will be the Toshiba TG01, running Windows mobile.

With ultra portable laptop computers currently running at 1.5GHz, and Qualcomm having a 1.5 GHz chip in the pipeline, expect markets to clash.  Will people start to use their mobile phones instead of their portable laptops to work at home in the near future?

Team Tamar

  • Sarah Tupman

    Anything running Windows needs a faster processor to keep up with anything else 🙂