5 March 2009 | Team Tamar

Microsoft to open Retail shops

Microsoft surprised its technology industry rivals and high street retailers by announcing their plans to open its own line of branded shops.

The call to launch a "few" Microsoft stores comes during the worst recession for decades, and just weeks after the listed company made its first ever mass redundancies.
The company, which is based in the Redmond(USA), said its hiring David Porter, an executive from the Hollywood movie studio DreamWorks, to oversee a network of shops that will sell Windows PCs, mobile phones and other devices. Microsoft feels its an exciting time with their strong line-up of upcoming product release like Windows 7, and the release of the new Windows Live and Windows Mobile.

They will also be working hard to tranform the PC and Microsoft buying experience at retail, so that it's straiWin7 ghtforward and clearly for consumers the world over."

Even though the range of hardware now being made by Microsoft, their primary focus will be selling PCs to the consumer, which could be an important way for the company to motivate the sales of the upcoming Windows 7 operating system, due out later this year.

Aside from this, the decision to launch into such an high-priced experiment while the world economy is in difficulties confused some analysts, while others suggested that remaining electronics retailers are likely to be aggravated by the move.

Team Tamar