25 March 2009 | Team Tamar

Google insights for Search

By definition, Google insights, provides insights into the search terms users have been entering into the Google search engine. “Unlike Google Trends, Google Insights for Search provides a visual representation of regional interest on a map.”

First introduced in 2008 Google insights has finally upgraded. Aside from web searches you can now use this tool to analyse desired search behaviour on Google News,
Google Image and Google Product searches.
And like the original Google Insights’ for web searches, you are also able to filter top searches in these data sources through time specific ranges, actual location, or subject categories.
Google Insights can now also be used to find out what users are searching for under Google Products search so that they would know what search keywords to use for their ad campaigns.

Another fine addition to web search, is that you can now do keyword research for Images, News, and Product search, too, creating new opportunities for all types of web sites to do more specific data digging and evaluation.

Team Tamar