4 March 2009 | Team Tamar

Facebook popularity on the decline as ‘virus’ apps increase

Facebook have been targeted by malicious hackers and companies seeking to steal valuable data from its members.

The social network site has been hit by five separate security problems in the last seven days, which is a big concern for Facebook self, and the public using the social networking heavyweight.

By adding 'fake' messages which includes details of Facebook members the thieves are capitalising on the trust and social links that drive the network.Facebook logo

Online Security Expert firms warn that the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook makes them a tempting target for hi-tech thieves. 

The new variant of rogue applications uses a Facebook message to try to get people to visit a fake YouTube page and install the malware on their facebook profile. To make it look more plausible, the virus posts the image from a Facebook member's profile on the video page to try and catch you in believing the post is real.

Once installed on your facebook profile, the malicious program hunts for cookies on a victim's computer and uses the details it finds in the small text files to log into other social sites that person may be a member of.

Facebook also needs to take privacy more seriously, especially after the debacle of last week's Terms and Conditions blunder.

Team Tamar