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Colour eBook readers now on sale.

Alex Christie

19 March 2009

Another first for technology comes from Fujitsu this time. The company has put the first colour eBook reader to market in Japan in the first quarter of 2009.Color_ebook

Called flepia the device uses sunlight-visible e-ink. The screen is capable of displaying 260,000 colours on it’s 8inch, 768 x 1,024 screen. Amazingly, the screen only draws power when redrawing screen, giving the device a 40 hour battery life apparently, and weighing at 385g, it won’t weigh you down like a sack of books.

This opens up new opportunites for publishers, who previously were reluctant because of the limiting scope of greyscale screens. Potentially, newspapers and magazines could be available, and who knows what.

Selling initially at around £730 in Japan, early adopters will need to have deep pockets.

Time to throw away your old ebook readers, or better still, give them to to me.



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