27 March 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt-a-blog #35 – Crooks and Liars


Crooksandliars, according to the banners on it, was 2009 Winner of Time.com's best blog award and less recently the Weblog Award winner in 2005. This is a true veteran blog, first launched in 2004 and one of the first political blogs to use video.

If you are into American politics and current affairs then this is a great read, especially if like me, you enjoy a bit of opinionated rhetoric on a range of topics from politics to science and even music. On the political spectrum, it is on the port side of liberal, and there is not a shred of subtlety to be found on these pages, so for those who enjoy balanced debate, this is not the blog for them. But isn't that one of the points of blogging?

The navigation could be better. I am accustomed to finding the topic directory on the right hand navigation but crooksandliars forces you to go to the Archive to get the tag directory. I imagine the justification is that all that information would never fit into the right hand navigation but actually they just need to develop a classification system that boils down the huge range of topics that they has covered over the years. Also there is a lot of ad space on right hand side of the page which has probably supplanted the topic directory.

The usability of the blog may reflect the age of the blog. 
Having said that check out the layout from 2005. They've come a long way but it might be time for a redesign! 

Team Tamar