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Adopt-a-blog #33 – Catwalk Queen

Simran Nanda
Simran Nanda
Account Manager
17 March 2009

I believe it is quite essential in our day to day lives to pay attention to the way we dress up and keep up with the changing world of fashion. In today's day and age where our work basically drives our lives, I do like to take out some time every week to browse through the fashion world and keep abreast of the changing trends in fashion.

Fortunately for women, the list of clothes, shoes and accessories is endless and so to keep up with the style tips, I feel that I need more than just one magazine or site to browse for the latest season's additions.

Catwalk Queen is one of the blogs that I usually like to read through when I am looking for fashion news, shopping and celebrities styles. I find that this site is like a weekly dose of fashion and

Catwalk Queen is actually part of Shiny Media's three flagship blogs and falls under the lifestyle category. I particularly like the big images within the news stories and the videos in particular. Unlike some other fashion blogs, Catwalk Queen keeps the user blog entries on the right hand navigation, which works for me as it doesnot distract users when reading the latest news. The site also gives a snapshot of the latest stories within the other fashion blogs that are run by Shiny Media.

Catwalk Queen tops my list of fashion blogs. I would recommend you have a look and see if it makes it to your top list of fashion sites.




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