12 March 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt-a-blog #32 – Style Bubble

Despite the ongoing effects of the credit crunch, I believe
that it's still important to dress your best and if possible dress to impress!
The Account Management team here at Tamar definitely lead the way with Simran
being the best account manager at being glam. 
I myslef am a huge fan of collecting fashion magazines, however, i find
myself becoming increasingly immersed in the world of online fashion blogs to
get my daily fix of what's in and this is how I came across Style Bubble.

Style Bubble is written and owned by a cute fashion expert/insider from Hong Kong – thus everything written here is super
personal and thus supremely self-indulgent! Despite this, through her network
of fellow fashionistas, "Susie Bubble" manages to write well written
articles which are very cutting edge and insightful. Susie writes articles on a
daily basis which judging by the volume of comments generates a huge amount of
interest and engaging chat such as the latest catwalk collections, store
openings as well as hard to find collections.

The site design is very easy to navigate with advertising space kept to the
right hand side rather than distributed through the articles as seen in other

To sum up, I think that Style Bubble will continue to be my fashion blog of
choice and it’s a great way to be kept up to date with the latest trends and


Have a read!

Team Tamar