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Adopt a Blog #32 – Zen Habits

Alex Christie

5 March 2009

As the Buddha of Rugby, Brian O Driscoll, once said (before beating England) ‘Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad’. Similarly, Zen Habits shows that it is one thing have a knowledge of something, but it is something else knowing how to use that knowledge.

Taking for example their article on ‘How to Create Space When You’re Always in a Rush’, it provides some excellent tips on knowing how to find space in your schedule and then how best to fully exploit that space to relax completely. Tips on how to find space in your day include ‘Listen, feel and engage in the moment’. They use the example of doing the wash up, where you should take some time to “feel your hands running through the water”, an experience that will surely soothe you into a Zen-like calm, unless you find an unwanted old teabag floating in the water that is, or you happen to be washing a Weetabix-encrusted bowl.

Zen Habits does however provide some valuable advice on ‘How to Deal with Major Disruptions in Your Routine’ giving such tips as ‘Always remember your motivation and stay excited about it’ and ‘Accepting disruptions as a part of life and try to overcome them’. With excellent tips and comments from its many readers, I would recommend it to self-help book lovers everywhere. A chicken soup blog for the soul.



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