24 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Yahoo! Web Analytics better than Google Analytics?

Google Analytics(G.A) has for a long time been sitting pretty as the king of analytics packages. Not only is their product efficient and user friendly but the major advantage its held over its rivals is that it is absolutely free of charge.

Armed with these factors Google Analytics has gained the majority market share among analytics users.
Yahoo! has decided to challenge the Google dominance by launching Yahoo! Web Analytics. While it’s only been around for a few months and openly described as work in progress by its developers, Yahoo! Web Analytics already holds some distinct advantages over it’s Google counterpart.

Unlike Google, Yahoo grants access to the raw data which enables web analytics practitioners to manipulate and summarize data to their needs as opposed to trying to tweak restrictive pre defined reports. This particularly is most useful as any half decent web analyst would testify. We often prefer to run and create our own queries and reports which enables us “dig” deeper for the numerical facts.

Another key improvement is that when exporting data in Yahoo! it comes in a ready to use format with no additional formatting required. Unlike Google where all formatting is lost and needs to reformatted in MS Exel which can become a frustration especially when dealing with vast amounts of data.
We can expect a counter attack from Google and the other fee based web analytics service providers but for now Yahoo! seems to have the edge.

Team Tamar