12 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Yahoo One Search

I will admit that it is rare for me to blog about something without actually having first hand experience with it but this one is way to cool for me to wait for my Blackberry to get back from having its software updated (I think I broke it). It was actually relased in August 08 but the hype didn't get to me then, I didn't realise the full potential of the oneSearch interface from Yahoo…

Yahoo has rolled out a bigger, more compatible oneSearch this week, it has some new search features including using your history to remember similar queries. The coolest thing by far is the voice recognition software that learns as you use it, you can speak your query and it recognises the speech and you can choose from the options to search. In my experience, the biggest pain with mobile devices is typing long URLs or complicated queries like "What is Macguyvers first name?"

Check it oneSearch for mobile.

Team Tamar