26 February 2009 |

What is your social media age?

Today I found out that I am yet another statistic… 26 and a Facebook addict.

Pew Internet along with American Life project release a survey yesterday on social media use in America. The statistic I refer to above is the average age of users across some of the most popular social networking web sites, in chronological order:

Facebook – 26 years
MySpace – 27 years (and still more popular than Facebook in America)
Twitter – 31 years
Linkedin – 40 years

According to this survey, in December 2008, 11% of adults in America are using social networks to update their statuses online (as apposed to using your sandwich board?), just short of double that of May 2008.

Hopefully as I age, I'll skip MySpace entirely and move directly on to being a Twitter addict. You already have a Twitter account? Good, used correctly it is a powerful tool for networking, gathering information or just to have a bit of fun. I’ll admit I’m not a Twitter master yet, but I’ve got 5 more years to learn right?

This survey was conducted in America but I’d say it is pretty accurate globally. 80% of the people I know who use Linkedin are admittedly over 30 (but good luck getting their real age!).

So go on… what’s your real age… according to social media?

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