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Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
10 February 2009

Facebook has established itself as the powerhouse of social networking, but luckily for us they haven't rested on their laurels and they are constantly trying to implement new functions to enhance our experience on their site. So what is the latest upgrade?

It started a while ago when it gave users the opportunity to comment on their friends' statuses, similiar to what we see while looking at our friends' photographs. Now they have given us the option to "Like" whatever our friends upload onto the site.

It gives users the ability to let their friends know that they like what they see. It is particularly handy when it comes to photographs, how many times have we all seen a photo with 20 -30 comments that all say "Great shot", "beautiful photo" or "awesome pic!"?

I know I have and I really like the, well, "Like" option they have given us, it frees space up for longer, more detailed comments that we can save for a special occasion like when someone has had one too many at the Christmas party. It will let you "Like" anything where you were previously only able to comment. Please let us know what you think…Useful or less?



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