9 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Real life phishing…

As if getting a parking ticket isn’t the epitome of annoyance and frustration, now it seems as if these tickets are trying to rob you as well.

Fake ticket

There have been reports that a number of vehicles have been issued phony parking violation tickets. This tickets request that you visit a website, presumably under the guise to confirm that the car is listed on the website for a violation.

The website itself, for the time being, is a crude construction with images of badly parked cars. It attempts to install “malware” on the visitors P.C’s once visited.

It seems that for now the scam is quite limited, having only been reported in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The construction of the website and the poor quality of the tickets themselves seem to have convinced very few people of their validity.

Although a rather crude attempt at an attack, it does illustrate the potential future of phishing scams, imagine these phishers reproducing very accurate versions of real tickets, only replacing the URL with their own. They then clone the traffic department’s website and use it to commit their nefarious deeds.

This scam does not have to be limited to traffic violations; we could soon start seeing all manner of digital phishing materializing in the real world!

Although real world spam has been around for as long as post boxes have stood outside houses, this combination of digital and physical, done correctly,  could be a potential hazard for a lot of people who are not very tech savvy!

On the other hand, you could always use this story as an excuse for not paying traffic fines,
"Officer, thought someone was trying to scam me!"

Team Tamar