16 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Putty Connection Manager

Tired of having multiple Putty session windows cluttering up your Windows pc?

It amazes me that such a popular ssh client program doesn’t support tabs for managing multiple putty sessions.

Well, as an interim solution, try Putty Connection Manger.

It’s a handy little tool to help you manage your putty sessions within a single workspace.

Although a stable version hasn’t been released yet, it’s worth keeping an eye on this utility.


Team Tamar

  • http://fahdshariff.blogspot.com sharfah

    Nice tool BUT
    does anyone know how I can disable the Ctrl+R (rename tab) key binding?
    Ctrl+R is really useful for reverse-command search in bash, but Putty Connection Manager always throws up an annoying Rename Tab dialog!