19 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Online user name checker

If you are like me you have probably chosen a single user name that you try and use across most online services.  Because this name uniquely identifies you to your friends and colleagues, it is important that you try and register it with as many online services as possible to ensure others don’t try and assume your ‘online identity’.

This is where UserNameCheck.com (http://www.usernamecheck.com/) comes in.  This nifty tool allows you to enter your user name and then checks all the major online services to see where the name is currently registered.

It also acts as a useful reminder for sites that you may wish to sign up to!

Update: Following on from our post, UserNameCheck recieved a very large volume of traffic and is currently unavailable. Hopefully, they will be up and running again soon.

Team Tamar