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One number for all your mobiles?

Alex Christie

19 February 2009

GrandTechnology is coming on fast and furiously these days with new ideas being made into realisations, old ideas being tuned. One thing that i cannot get into my head is the fact that you would want to be in contact ALL of the time.

Google once again is at the front of this idea Grandcentral, who Google bought, central 
allows you to simply register with them and get one "unified" number that will be used to contact all numbers placed. It works as a mobile switch board at no cost to you.

All it takes is for you to register on the website. You can have you home number, work number and if you have 1-2 mobiles, all these can be accessed from one service directly showed to this unfied number.

This can work if you have the need to be found anywhere, but like me most of you want to be left alone once you leave work and turn off your brain when you at home. Try it and see for yourself.



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