16 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Keyboard Shortcuts #1

Mouse, keyboard, mouse, keyboard, mouse……

Annoying isn't it? It's annoying writing about it, it's annoying reading about it, but it's not as annoying as when your hand has to keep jumping from one to the other. Whilst having to do this should not be viewed as a show-stopper, as it can help build your beer-drinking muscles, it can also lead to Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI. Joke keyboard

So in the name of health, time saving and general convenience, but not beer drinking, this blog is the first in my new series letting you in on the secrets of the keyboard shortcut. Why move your hand back to the mouse from the keyboard when you don't need to?

First up, website addresses. And as this is the first in the series, I thought I'd let you into a personal favourite of mine (bit nerdy eh?). This little gem is not only a shortcut, but saves on typing too (yup, nerdy but cool too!).

So, in short, when you are typing a web site address into the address bar of your web browser, you don't need to type 'www.' or the '.com' suffix.

Instead, for example, of typing 'www.tamar.com', just type 'tamar' and hit Ctrl+Enter. Bingo, the rest is filled in for you and you don't have to click the Go button!

That's it – a winner every time (unless it's not a .com domain).

I'll be back with a new trick next time. Until then enjoy!

Team Tamar

  • Rick

    You can also hit “shift+cntrl+enter” and it’ll do the .org suffix for you…

  • Karen

    I love this short cut already. Know only if we could find one for .co.uk and .co.za domains I’d be happy.