26 February 2009 | Team Tamar

I have violated what…?

This morning, while enjoying my daily dose of caffeine, I logged into facebook to get my daily dose of 
inspiration… by that I mean having a big old laugh at the scandals that play out within my facebook friendship circle. I was surprised to get an update that I had apparently violated facebook’s terms and conditions.

At first I thought that it must be a mistake, because (I have stated in my previous blog post) I would never dream of sharing anything that would compromise me in any way.

My next thought was that some of my friends had decided to post video or photographic evidence of some sort regarding my extra-curricular shenanigans.

I then noticed that the notification said that one of my friends had reported me to facebook for violating the t’s& c’s. At first I thought that it was mighty polite of facebook for letting me know who sold me down the river.  I then remembered that facebook had censored me in the past for writing a story regarding the mating ritual of the ever elusive Crocoduck.  When that happened, it was without warning or notification. My story had simply vanished, leaving only the photo I had posted with the story.

Crime was definitely afoot…


I clicked the link to see what “violations” I had made and came face to face with the culprit… a facebook application called “f a c e b o o k – – closing down!!!”.

I am obviously wise enough to know NOT to allow this phishing attempt any access to my personal data… but I would imagine that there are countless people who are not as clued up as I am on these topics.

Once the application has been installed; it goes through your friends list and sends them all notifications that they have been reported and scares them into allowing the application access to their data and then goes through their friends list and sends them all notifications that they have been reported…

All the while it is collecting a whole amount of data for all kinds of nefarious purposes…

I have reported the application to facebook, and you should to… here is the URL to its’ facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=59326762440 (you will not be allowing it access to your data by going here).

On the bottom left is a button to report the application to the facebook admins!

Go now and save the internet!

Team Tamar