4 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Five things Facebook are doing to celebrate their 5th birthday

On the day when Facebook celebrates it's firth birthday, I thought we should have a look at how the Social Networking giant is celebrating. In case you haven't read it already, Tanya gave us a nice list of things you might not know about Facebook. So what are Facebook doing to celebrate?

  1. The "Thank You" gift – If you vist Facebook's virtual gift shop today, you'll see a special "Thank You" gift which you can send to any of your friends, to thank them for something. Unlike some of the older gifts, you can give this to as many people as you like, so why not go and thank somebody today?
  2. The Retrospective – Mark Zuckerberg himself has written a nice blog post (though I would debate his use of the word "entities"…!) on the birthday celebrations, and he links to a retrospective photo album hosted on the Facebook fan page, which shows how Facebook has changed over the years. It makes for some interesting viewing, particularly noting how the 2009 view has switched back slightly to looking like it did in 2007, after the big changes of 2008.
  3. Facebook employee photos – if you are friends with any of the clever people who work at Facebook, or even if you just read the blog, you'll notice that some of the big names have changed their profile photos to that of their five year old selves. Mark Zuckerberg's is a particular favourites, especially considering he looks more business-like as a 5-year-old than he normally does these days!
  4. There aren't actually 5 things at the moment – however, as I write this it isn't actually the birthday over in the states, so I'll update this post again later with any other things that happen.  

So, happy birthday Facebook! 

Team Tamar