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Facebook introduces its own Terms of Use today

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
27 February 2009

Facebook is giving its users the opportunity to voice their own opinions about how the popular social media site is governed.


After last week’s debacle over the change in the company’s Terms of Use, Facebook has come up with two new documents: the Facebook Principles, which defines your rights and will serve as the guiding framework behind any policy we'll consider and the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which will replace the existing Terms of Use.

On the Facebook blog, Mark Zuckerberg announced “I've been excited to see how much people care about Facebook and how willing they are to contribute to the process of governing the site. Our main goal at Facebook is to help make the world more open and transparent. We believe that if we want to lead the world in this direction, then we must set an example by running our service in this way.”

You can find the Facebook Principles here and the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities here. Before these new proposals go into effect, users will be able to vote for or against proposed changes.

Mark writes that he believes these steps are unprecedented in promoting understanding and enabling participation on the web.

The blog ends by pointing out “History tells us that systems are most fairly governed when there is an open and transparent dialogue between the people who make decisions and those who are affected by them. We believe history will one day show that this principle holds true for companies as well, and we're looking to moving in this direction with you.”



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