18 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Facebook increases photo album limits

This is probably going to be a fairly short post I'm afraid, as I'm not sure what angle or commentary I can add to this at this stage, but I thought I'd share the news before I forget!

Facebook appear to have made an update in the last week or so to change the limit to the number of photos you can have in each of your photo albums from 60 to 100 – not a massive change but it's a start, and 100 certainly makes more sense than 60!

It's always been a bit of a mystery why they limited it to 60 anyway, but I'm glad this has been fixed. Now if only they'd add the facility for me to merge a few of my older albums together, I'd be even happier!

Incidentally, since my "10 facebook tips" post seems to still get a lot of traffic, I thought I'd add another one to the list, albeit a lot later. Did you know that you can very easily change the order of your photos in each album? Just click on the "organise" button at the top of the page in each album, and you can drag and drop them to your heart's content.


Team Tamar

  • Roebie

    The limits currently are:
    200 photos per album
    70 photos that can be uploaded at once by external apps like Picasa.

    So a problem arises: you want to get 160 photos from eg Picasa to Facebook, but you want them in one album.

    – Do 3 uploads from Picase to FB (70+70+20)
    – Merge the second and third album into the first. You can do that very easily (3 click per album) by joining my “Merge Photo Albums” group on Facebook