24 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Do Digg Auto-bury? And Do I Care?

There seems to be a bit of a debate going on in the community of active Digg users about whether the ability for Digg to 'auto bury' certain contributors content is real or a myth. From my basic reading up on the matter, it seems that the existence of this auto-bury has been contested for a long time, and now one particularly passionate blogger claims they have proof that it does exist.

I'm probably going to risk a flaming from big Digg users here, but are people really that amazed that Digg have what essentially amounts to an anti-spam policy, where they can remove people that are upsetting the apple cart or behaving innapropriately? A lot of the so-called evidence which people are pointing to is from out-and-out advertisers who are trying to use Digg to hype-up their 'stories', and are upset when they get buried again. If people are surprised or upset by that then they need to find somewhere else to play.

As the commenter 'freedomjoe' points out in the comments to the above article: "Digg is a private business. [People] do not have freedom of speech [t]here. You have to follow their rules. What he submitted was a gross violation of those rules."

Team Tamar