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Can Twitter threaten Google?

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
9 February 2009

Your first answer might just be, No! Never! And you may well be right, but indulge me for a moment and I shall attempt to shed some light on the subject. Twitter has become somewhat of a phenomenon recently with some high profile users that publicly spread the word and herd their followers.

I am a fan, a converted one at that…I never saw the point of Twitter, but after a second chance I have decided that it can stay. So how will a social network challenge (arguably) the biggest online brand in the world? Well, here's an idea…

Twitter Search provides users with real time results as provided by Tweeters' updates. A great example of this would be the snow in the UK recently…A simple Twitter search for "UK snow" returns a great, user generated set of results where a normal Google search yields mostly news results.

I do realise that for a lot of searches that are for research, etc Twitter Search loses most of it's value, but surely for up to date news of current events Twitter Search has it spot on. What do you think?



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