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Browse Rank vs Page Rank

Alex Christie

2 February 2009

Microsoft has made a bold move and decided to go head to
head with Google. With the inception of their "Browse Rank"
Google will now have a competitor for its Page Rank algorithm. Google's Page Rank simply assesses a specific page's
importance by how many other Web pages link to it and by the importance of those linking pages. So the
question is has Microsoft come up with a better and more precise algorithm?

"The user browsing graph from Microsoft has been said
to more precisely represent the web surfer's random walk process, and thus is
more useful for calculating page importance.

The more visits of the page made by users and the longer
time periods spent by the users on the page, the more likely the page is
important … We can leverage hundreds of millions of users' implicit voting on
page importance.

"Some websites like adobe.com are ranked very high by
PageRank … because Adobe.com has millions of inlinks for Acrobat Reader and
Flash Player downloads.

However, web users do not really visit such websites very
frequently and they should not be regarded as more important than the websites
on which users spend much more time (like myspace.com and facebook.com)"

In a nutshell the idea from Microsoft is the more visits of
the page made by the users and the longer time periods spent by the users on
the page, the more likely the page is important.



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