27 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt a blog #29 – ars technica (Art of Technology)

My immediate reaction to my adopted site, ars techica, is what
actually is it? I found it totally unclear who the site is aimed at, what it
stands for and what information I may find.

One reason is the design of the site it looks like a big corporation’s
website and not a blogging site for technology news/reviews. This may
potentially discourage new bloggers from contributing to the site. A simple
piece of introductory text, on the homepage, may explain the sites purpose and make
it clearer.

Furthermore, I think the heading names are very random and not well
ordered, again, to the detriment of the site.

All this is a shame because the actual content is quite interesting and
useful. I stumbled upon some handy tips and the IT focused news is really

The review of Safari 4’s add-ons was very good giving an
overview of all plug-ins available for the new browser. Also, the report on EU
may order Microsoft to bundle other browsers
is a good read, are the days of
IE’s monopoly coming to an end, encouraging news for other browser developers?

Overall, it’s a good, informative, site for an overview
of technology news. Just wish it looked like one too!

Team Tamar