24 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt a Blog #26 – Design*Sponge

Design*Sponge first came to my attention from a spot of proper old fashioned surfing – just following links on other sites to see what was going on – and I've been a regular visitor ever since.

Adopt-blog It's a blog that's very prolific – numerous posts on a daily basis – about a range of product design and interior design. It provides inspiration for gifts, personal gifts and interior design; but more importantly provides a combination of daily eye-candy and envy!

The posts range from interior design sneak peeks – looking into other peoples houses and providing endless voyeristic opportunities! – to objects of desire – to artwork – to gardening and cooking – all presented in a tantalising way that often sends me on further surfing trips that end up hurting the wallet!

I've also recently discovered the city guides which give you an insiders view into what to visit, where to shop and where to eat (got the priorities right!) for major cities around the world, written by locals and regular visitors. They provide a great alternative guide to places that you may know and love, or want to visit without the usual branded guide books where you find yourself trailing around with every other tourist.

The product guides also give you good ideas for those basic products everyone needs; I recently found myself on a hunt for shower curtains and was met with only ugly and/or expensive options. The shower curtain guide has given me loads of ideas about what I could get and where to look for them.

The only negative of the site is that bacause the main author is based in New York, pricing and sometimes purchasing is very focused towards North America. This is usually ok but there are a few of our cousins across the pond who still need to embrace the global opportunities out there.

All in all a top site and one that I would highly recommend to anyone with even the most basic appreciation of beautiful design.

Team Tamar