18 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt-a-blog #25 – Photoshop Disasters


Being an avid fan of Photoshop, and having used Photoshop since my early teenage years. It was a cool that I ended up having to review a blog about ‘Photoshop Disasters‘.

As the name obviously suggests… this is a blog about ‘Photoshop Disasters’ – It’s all in the name people! The title is simple, concise (says what it is), and you can’t go wrong with the word ‘Disaster’ in the title.

The title of the blogspot PsD is quite nifty in itself. With ‘PsD’ not only
standing for ‘Photoshop Disasters’, but it is also the file extension used
for Photoshop files.

Creating a blog about Photoshop Disasters is an assured winner, especially when the blog welcomes posts by others, thereby creating it’s own little community. The great thing about this blog, is that since it is all about the images, people of all walks of life can enjoy it. So for someone who may find reading English difficult, they can just have a good laugh at the images. This simplicity makes the blog more accessible and gives it a good global appeal. Although without the added provided comment, it can sometimes take a while to find the error in question.

So who is the target audience for this blog? The blog isn’t designed specifically for the design community or any particular industry in general. Although unless you are working in a design based industry, some of the comments (or rants) made by disgruntled designers – over the complete shambles made by people earning a far higher wage than them, who choose to produce shoddy work – can leave some pondering whether they are from a different planet due to the terminology they are using.


I guess the most shocking aspect of the blog for me personally was the fact that many of these mistakes are being done by a lot of big brands… even Apple were getting sloppy with their imagery. Also by magazines and people producing marketing material for both web and print. Judging by the shear number of faulty images, it won’t be long until you see a massive bill board on the side of a building with a model who has an extra head or mysterious third leg  – Rolf Harris style.

This website fits in nicely with the whole debate over models being digitally enhanced, when to be honest they weren’t bad looking in the first place. With designers touching-up magazine imagery, thereby giving a false impression of what people or objects may or may not look like. So it is a positive thing that this blog exists, to highlighting that there is indeed a drawback to too much photomanipulation. The more you do it, the higher the probability that some will go out that is wrong. It also fits in nicely with what we at Tamar always say: “Natural is Best” ^__^.

The improbability that the use of digital manipulation will start to wane, means that this blog still has a long life ahead of it. As there will then always be a supply of faulty images to post.

The blog can also be very sociable, as people gather and go through all the
posted images, snickering at how someone could forget to completely remove a magazine that someone is holding and leave half of it still showing. Or how a Chinese designer thought one day: ‘hmm how could I increase
the popularity of some Chinese leggings… I know I’ll stick Paris
Hilton’s head over the existing models head
‘, with no attempt to
correctly marry the two images together, thereby creating something
which looks truly horrific. I’m sure it would give many young children nightmares!

After viewing some of the images on this site the popular saying always come to my mind: “If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it!”

If you ever find yourself bored one lunchtime and need a good laugh or pick-me-up! Then this is the blog for you.

Team Tamar