13 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt-a-blog #19 – www.macrumors.com


I’m reporting back with my Adopt-a-blog review of www.macrumors.com. Any thoughts on what it
might possibly be about? – Mac rumours, Apple Mac rumours. But that is not all
it’s about, this blog is the one bookmark you will need if you find yourself
owning more than 1 Apple product or if you simply just a fan of Apple. IPod,
Macintosh, Apple
TV (yes I said Apple TV!), this blog includes the latest news about any Apple
product on the market, it also has a useful forum for learning how to tweak
whatever product you might have.

visiting the site for the first time I noticed that that navigation is done
through tabs at the top of the page with headings Mac Rumours, Page 2, Iphone, Buyers Guide,
Guides and forums. Thrown off a little bit by the “Page 2” heading I came to
learn that the home page “Mac Rumors” is facts about the latest Mac products
from the Mac community and “Page 2” is in fact uncertain news and rumours about
Mac products.

The buying Guides are extremely useful if you are intending to buy you
an Apple product such as an ipod as you
will be able to find out everything from small bug fixes to product cycles. The
last thing you want to do is buy an ipod only to notice a later model being
released just after you made the purchase.  For Iphones there are a huge number of
applications available including Firmware upgrades, the latest accessories and
more. I have no doubt that this blog will capture your interest for quite a
while or at least till your iphone is totally pimped out. Verdict – If you own
an Ipod or Iphone or plan to you should definitely check out macrumors.com,
that is a fact!

Team Tamar