3 February 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt-a-blog # 16 – Nick Hornby’s Blog

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According to Zadie Smith, Nick Hornby believes that beautiful songs, beautiful books, and yes, the beautiful game, are the great forces which guide the world. This might make him sound like a great, and good, man, but this really doesn’t come across in his blog.

Football, film, music, interviews….Nick Hornby writes sparingly about his thoughts on these subjects, occasionally launching into a lengthy blog about something near and dear to his heart, such as his post about Emmanuel Eboue, where he writes about the footballer who “came on as a substitute in the game against Wigan last Saturday, but had to be substituted because the crowd were on his back to the extent that he could hardly stand up” and “is thus the latest in a long and ignoble line of Arsenal players stretching back to a time long before I was born” or the post about his trip to the Sundance Film Festival to watch his screenplay “An Education”.

When he gets started his blog posts can be witty and informative, but the one thing they aren’t is engaging. As I read each new post (which are few and far between) I find my mind wandering – I’ll find myself thinking or a new topic for an article, or thinking about when my car is due for its next service.
As a huge fan of his books, I’m a little disappointed by his blogs, which bear no relation to his writing in books like About a Boy and High Fidelity. His blog is also attached to his website which is a mini site attached to his publishers main website www.penguin.co.uk, which gives me the feeling he isn’t as keen on blogging as one would imagine.

But I keep reading, and every day I check in, in the hope that he has posted something clever, or amusing, or insightful. Sometimes I am rewarded for my dedication, other times not. Some of his posts are also a little obscure, but a dedicated reader will find themselves Googling Murice Maeterlink, hoping to find out what he did to cause film producer Samuel Goldwyn to cry “My God, the hero is a bee!”

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