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What website do you wish you had designed and why?

Sarah Graveling
Sarah Graveling
Creative Director
28 January 2009

I should imagine that most web designers acknowledge the greatness of some of the major players. The Guardian for making an astonishing amount of content accessible and user-friendly. The BBC for encouraging users to tailor make the content. The lucky designers that work on Nike that don’t seem to have the same accessibility constraints that we have in our W3C compliant world.

We all know these sites and they have the largest teams to help them, so I wanted to choose a site that didn’t have the scale of these sites but had the creativity.

This is why I chose I Am Always Hungry. This is the portfolio of Nessim Higson.

Why do i like this site?

The name
Having looked into the site a bit more I believe the name is referring to his hunger for design and new challenges. But it’s still good.

There’s a lot to explore with hidden surprises, so when you revisit there is often something new or it looks slighty different. For example click on the logo and you see it in many different disguises.  Despite having depth the navigation is intuitive, so you can see a career venturing all the way back to 2001.

Buckets of character and personality so you feel involved. You get a real feel for the designers style and the work speaks for itself.

A quality designer and site, take a look.



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