30 January 2009 | Team Tamar

What website do you wish you had designed and why?


Having read through some of the ‘The best websites in the world
ever….‘ some sites I admire are already covered; The BBC for cutting edge
design that is always fully compliant, Google maps for being so technically
mind-blowing and, as Lavelle, I too am a big fan of Webdesignerwall.com as a
source of site design inspiration.

As these have all been explored I am going for kuler.com from Adobe.

Kuler is a site of pure simplicity in design and function and has only
one main function. If it’s colour stimulation you’re looking for then here’s
the place.

This great little tool is a great source of inspiration and has dug me
out of a fair few moments of creative blankness!

I admire the fact that Adobe have put out a free resource for all, and
created a space for people to get excited by colour. Ultimately, it is rather
clever brand/product placement by Adobe, so in that, we’re all winners!

Team Tamar