5 January 2009 | Tanya Goodin

Using search engines on the hoof

How to get a better deal using search engines

Even though I have moved from the iPhone back to my standard blackberry and it does not render websites as well as the iPhone, I still find I use search engines to get a better price off retailers by comparing prices when shopping. This is really useful as retailers are a lot more relaxed about giving discounts than they usually are. Bartering is not really a British thing, but it should be!

So having say the exact model and price enables you to walk into a shop and know the price you can get the product at. Armed with this information it is going to be a rare retailer in these tough times who doesn't cut you a deal and at least match the web price.

Some retailers such as Richer Sounds are fully aware of this and as they are very price focussed they even say on their site that their own website prices may be better than instore and you can use these to get a better deal – cool.

I also use comparison engines and Google shopping results to search live and be more flexible if the retailer does not have the exact product I want. This has enabled me to get a price and shipping costs 'there and then' and get a good deal.

Sometimes it is worth not really pushing to save the last pound as often you can get a better price and get some freebies thrown in as well. So  I received a free scart lead (worth £15) by being flexible on a TV a while back. It's not about being completly bloody mindeed, the retailers have to make a quid, but quite often they will drop prices and be able to sweeten the deal in some other way.

So next time you go shopping do a bit of research first and get some good prices for your products. But then be able to some searches on the fly and you could be walking home with the product you wanted, at the price you wanted and maybe even a little bit less! 

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar