13 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Questions raised over Google’s green credentials?

Last week there was an interesting article released in the Times that stated that every time you make a search on Google you are producing 7g of CO2,   this is based on the assumption that every searcher will in fact spend 15mins on their desktop per search.  I am the first to admit my knowledge about CO2 output levels is basic to say the least, nevertheless the figure did appear high and did make me feel rather guilty.  However further investigation showed that things weren’t quite as black and white as they first seemed, in fact to put things in context: –

• A human will generate 6g CO2 just breathing for 10minutes.
• Creating a single book uses 2,500g of CO2
• A cheeseburger has a carbon footprint of 3,600g

The original article in the Times has been criticised for being overly critical of Google and to be honest I have to agree, especially considering some of the big G’s recent green initiatives.

Team Tamar