22 January 2009 | Team Tamar

PPC vs SEO – A new analogy to consider

Somebody in the office just came to me and asked if I had a good analogy for the difference between SEO and PPC, other than the usual ones that get thrown around. After a bit of a brainstorm with my desk-mates (big shout out to Chloe for the acorn of this idea!) we came up with what we think is quite a good one – what do you think?

PPC is like hiring a Bugatti Veron for the day; It's fast, it's expensive, it'll definitely turn heards and grab the attention of passers by; If you get one it's going to eat up a lot of your budget, and cost quite a bit to run. It definitely gets results, though when the money runs out it's going to lounge in your garage gathering dust. It's also very easy to drive.

SEO is like investing in a Volvo S40; It's definitely not as fast, and is unlikely to turn as many heads at first; But it's both cheaper and more cost effective; You'll reach the same destination as the Bugatti but you'll have spent less money along the way; Once you've got it working properly, you won't have to spend much money on the upkeep, it'll just keep ticking along with a regular MOT and a service or two.

What do you all think? Cunning observation or totally off the boil?

Team Tamar

  • Mike

    I like it – and look forward to using it in internal meetings!
    Perhaps we can apply the same analogy to companies, or even individuals I work with. On that note, what was the name of the car that the Trotters’ used?

  • Rick

    I do like the comparison, although I think SEO will get you there faster than a Volvo…Anything can really, so how about a Golf GTI instead…

  • Robin

    Agreed – only problem is taht the Volvo is an extremely boring car come on they are swedish.
    However a veyron can only carry two people in my opinion, SEO is a Hi-
    Ace “Wineberg maitland”.
    There have bee rumours afloat that a hi-ace can actually beat a Veyron robot to robot down mowbray main road…

  • http://www.verymerriman.co.uk Keith

    Like it. Used it myself yesterday and it was well understood by non-seo people.