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Playstation Programming

Alex Christie

5 January 2009

I have long had an interest in programming artificial intelligence systems, particularly those that can predict a future series of events based on past data (think stock market).  During one of my recent web surfing sessions I was reading about an Astrophysicist who has replaced his Super Computer with a cluster of 8 Sony Playstation 3's.  

One of the great things about working at Tamar is the variety of work we get to do for clients, however I have yet to have a request for programming a PS3. 

My first thought was what language would you need to program one and where could I learn.  A quick search on Google returned a number of results, however the stand out was an MIT course on Multicore Programming, which not only teaches students how to program the PS3 for scientific purposes but also provides the lecture notes online for free!

Now that I am learning to program the PS3 my next major task is to convince Tanya that buying one is work related!



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