22 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Obama not allowed on Facebook – sent to naughty step?

According to the good folks over at the Washington Post, Obama and his team have been moving in to the White House in the past couple of days and have been met by some technological set-backs…

Whilst things aren't as bad as they were for Team Bush back in 2001 – if you remember back that far, you will recall that the outgoing Clinton team removed most of the 'W' keys from many of the keyboards – things are still pretty challenging for Team Obama.

According to the Post: "One White House official, who arrived breathless yesterday after being held up at the exterior gate, found he had no computer or telephone number. Recently called back from overseas duty, he ended up using his foreign cellphone.

"Another White House official whose transition cellphone was disconnected left a message temporarily referring callers to his wife's phone. Several people tried to route their e-mails through personal accounts."

All this will come as quite a shock to the Obama team, whose campaign has powered by Social Media. No more access to Facebook from the office, no more instant messaging… One would hope that  they could sort this out pretty quickly, but the fact that it's been an issue since 2001 doesn't bode well. The Post continued:

"David Almacy, who became President George W. Bush's Internet director in 2005, recalled having a week-long delay between his arrival at the White House and getting set up with a computer and a BlackBerry."

Let's hope Obama gets his Facebook access back pretty soon, or I can see a few heads rolling up in Washington…

Team Tamar